When It Hurts

Pain is the body’s way of telling a person something is wrong, and going to a health care professional to solve the issue is often an excellent idea. There are times when a painful reaction can be a sign the body desperately needs help, but it could also be a true the cause it not necessarily medical. Telling the doctor where it hurts and how much is useful information, but the solution may come by explaining when it hurts.

Lying down and feeling dizzy or a stab of pain are medical issues that will need intervention, but there could be an explanation that will require no work on the part of any medical professional. A person feeling a sharp pain whenever they lie down to take a nap or go to bed at night might simply need a new mattress rather than a battery of diagnostic tests. If the issue is a bedspring it can be solved by visiting a local store that provides new mattresses instead of lying in a hospital bed having tests run.