Writing a List

Many people may believe it is not worth writing down their many ailments, but they could be leaving out important information. A person who tells the doctor they feel tired all the time could be omitting the fact it is often right after meals they want to lie down, so the doctor would not necessarily check their sugar level. They might instead order a battery of tests looking for cancer, leukemia, or another medical issue.

Wasted time when a person is being diagnosed is often a problem that can cause a medical issue to become worse, so it should be avoided. Being clear and concise when reciting symptoms can be difficult when faced with medical reality, so having a plan to let the doctor know all the various issues can be a good way to get healthy faster. Even if a patient would rather bring a friend or relative to talk with the doctor, it can help ensure all the information needed is given.

Leaving out a small item from a list of aches or pains because it seems petty is not a good idea. The smallest symptom may be the best clue as to the real issue, and a medical professional is the one person with a need to know it. It might seem that blurry vision at the end of the day is just because a person is tired, but it could be a sign of something more serious. It would be a small item that could have great importance in finding a medical solution.

There are times when listing each and every tic or twinge could be tiresome, but giving the doctor the information needed is the best way to get a good diagnosis that will solve the problem. For those unwilling to write a list, taking a friend or finding another way to ensure the doctor gets all the information is the next best path to health.